Val is from a small town in Georgia and always had an addiction to cute clothes, glitter, and fashion. She and her mom would take their annual back-to-school shopping trip and look for all the trendy boutiques and the best buys. Val loved to mix and match and she was never afraid to be different! 


Fast forward to college, Val began working in Atlanta, which was a dream come true because of all the fabulous shops. She met her soon to be husband, who lived in Oxford, Alabama. Yep, another small town with no trendy clothes. Plans for Sweet Peas Boutique were in the works, but God's plans were a little different. 


At 32, Val had a stroke and found out she had Lupus, along with multiple illnesses. It's been a hard road, even with the best doctors, aggressive treatments, and a will to fight. Val put her dreams of a boutique on hold. By God's grace, at the age of 36, she opened the doors of Sweet Peas Boutique! 


"God first and foremost got me there. My parents, my husband, my children, and my employees (who were my backbone) stood by me each and every step of the way. I know, without God, none of that would have been possible! He is the one I give all the glory to." With all that said, fast forward several years and lots of hard work, Val's boutique grew! 


In the summer of 2020, during the middle of covid, we decided to move online again. AND the idea of doing t-shirts again came to life. Val and Liz (her daughter in law and graphic designer) decided to branch out and give the t-shirts a try! Over the years there have been so many opportunities and conversations with customers to encourage them and point them to Jesus. And with this new t-shirt brand called "Spread the Word" our goal was to not only give people t-shirts that are opportunities to talk about Jesus, but also to give back a portion of our sales to missions and the community around us! 


After moving the store three times, rebranding to frey, and lot's of ups and downs...we decided to close our storefront doors and move towards growing the t-shirt and creative business! Life is always crazy around here for us, but we're thankful for each season God has brought! Val loved each and every one of her customers and honestly is the picture of a perfect boss / store owner. She always loved and shared her heart with customers who came in, even if they just needed to talk! With two grandbabies (one of them Liz's) on the way and several life changes, Val has focused her attention on her family, their wedding venue, and their mini farm! 


Now, we're focusing on creating t-shirts AND helping out brands with their logos, t-shirt designs, social content, branding and more! We can't wait for YOU to wear our t-shirts and create conversations about Jesus! We don't have a storefront but if you're local to Oxford, you'll see us at a few local markets! We're so thankful for this opportunity and can't wait to see what God has for us next!