In 2009, a unique journey was born: frey boutique. Established in Oxford, Alabama, we were on a mission. Our brand was created to offer women with classic fashion staples of superb quality. We wanted all women in our area to feel confident, stylish, and trendy with the power of fashion!

Where It All Started

Starting with humble beginnings, our owner Val, began designing and selling custom t-shirts out of the trunk of her car. With a real passion for fashion, she was determined to provide women with a unique boutique shopping experience.

Faith Through Trials

It was important that Val’s faith was a part of this journey. At the young age of 32, Val suffered a stroke. On top of having a stroke, Val was also diagnosed with lupus and other illnesses. As a young woman with a family, this was an especially heavy load. Treatment was hard, and the road to recovery was even harder.

Triumph Over Pain

But Val is a fighter! With God’s saving grace, a supportive community behind her, and a truly incredible amount of determination, life turned around. A mix of faith and determination helped allow Val to open the doors to her very first boutique. With each of her successes, Val always honors Jesus Christ and His mighty power.

The Boutique Is Founded

Originally, we used the name “Sweet Peas Boutique” for our company, but after some time, we realized that this name just wasn’t quite the right fit for what we wanted our brand to be. The name frey boutique is inspired by our owner’s last name: Winfrey. The “frey” is pronounced like “free,” which fits just right. Above all else, we want our brand to help women feel free and empowered.

Our “Why”

At frey boutique, our “why” goes far beyond providing quality fashion and top-notch customer service. A big part of the reason we exist is to empower women. We believe that clothes are more than just clothes. Fashion is a form of self-expression and a tool that can inspire us and boost our confidence. This empowerment has the ability to completely transform women's lives, and we are thrilled to be a part of that.

Alongside providing our customers with the latest trends in boho-chic fashion, we also create our very own in-house t-shirt line, Spread the Word.

Spread the Word

Our Spread the Word line represents a large part of who we are as a brand and a team. Aside from being both comfy and cute, these t-shirts also carry a deeper meaning. Spread the Word was created with the purpose of empowering women and spreading the Gospel. Thoughtfully designed with faith-based statements and positive messages, these shirts truly have a special feeling to them and serve as a nice reminder to always keep the faith.

As Believers, we know that God is love. We understand that we should pray first. With our Spread the Word t-shirt line, we are reminded of God’s guidance and wisdom through fashion, which allows us to also share it with others. And we do this by literally wearing our faith on our sleeve!

Our Team

At frey boutique, our team stands on strong customer service practices. We genuinely aim to not only please our customers, but also to build real, authentic relationships with them. Whether you shop in-store or online, we are proud to offer you a personalized shopping experience.

That’s right! You get your very own personal shopper to help ensure that you fill your closet with clothes you will wear and love for a long time to come. Together, we’ll explore your style, get an idea of your favorite colors, and try new things. And then, of course, we’ll create the perfect outfit and wardrobe!

Contact us today — we’d love to chat with you about what your closet needs!