Our goal is to spread the love and power of Christ through fashion. With God’s guidance and wisdom, we have been able to turn women’s casual t-shirts into elevating pieces of clothing!

Grace Wins Tee | frey.Grace Wins Tee | frey.

Grace Wins Tee

From $ 24.99

Faith Based Fashion

As Christians, we are overjoyed to spread the words of Christ and empowerment. And that is exactly what we do with Spread the Word, our women’s empowering t-shirt line. All of our religious graphic tees and stickers are gracefully infused with Bible verses and motivational phrases.

Reflect your faith and power through fashion with our Spread the Word graphic tee line today!

Our Mission

At the young age of 32, the owner of frey boutique suffered a stroke. For four years, she faced numerous struggles with her health. But, with the support of both God and her community, she has been able to overcome her battles!

The mission and passion behind the Spread the Word brand is to give back to our community, encourage women to live boldly for Jesus, and spread the word about our Savior, all through women’s empowering t-shirts. With words of God’s goodness and inspiring phrases we can echo, we have been able to spread the Gospel of Jesus far and wide!

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