Why the Modern Boho Color Palette is Perfect for Fall

It’s no secret that we love boho colors at frey boutique. It’s stylish, classy, and perfect for any age group. While we love boho colors all year long, we especially appreciate them during the fall season.

Let’s take a quick look at why we adore boho fall styles and colors, and why you should too!

Vibrant and Neutral

Regardless of your style preference and fashion tastes, boho colors always have something to offer you! With cool blues, pinks, and purples, you can achieve a dashing and vibrant look. However, with subtle yellows, browns, and oranges, you can achieve a neutral look.

woman wearing a mustard utility jumpsuit in modern boho color palette | frey

Best of all, every color on the modern boho color palette effortlessly goes well with every other! Mix and match vibrant and neutral colors to make a statement at any event. Or, go all out on one or the other. The choice is yours. 

Naturally Complement the Environment

With the leaves transforming into rich reds, oranges, and browns, your bohemian outfit will naturally complement the environment. They’re perfect for attending fall events! Just imagine how dreamy your outdoor wedding, church, or dinner date photos will look with you wearing a stunning mauve tiered dress while standing in front of purple fall leaves! 

woman wearing fall-inspired graphic tee in modern boho color palette

A romantic walk after an ice-cream date while wearing a fall-inspired graphic tee? Bundling up with a denim jacket on a blustery day? Taking pics with friends in your cute plaid jumpsuit? The modern boho color palette is a yes and amen in our books!

Elegantly Minimalistic and Versatile

Boho fall styles are elegantly minimalistic. You can style and blend these colors to create outfits for both casual and formal outings. Whether you’re heading to a party, work, date, or wedding, the modern boho color palette can give you the look you’re hoping to achieve.

woman wearing mauve tiered dress

Versatility offers fashion wardrobe staples. Alongside being able to wear boho colors anywhere you go, you can also wear them during any season. While burgundies, browns, and dark yellows may serve better as boho fall styles, pinks, teals, and light yellows can work well during summer and spring. Having any clothing item in a boho color is a win all year round. 

Delicate and Feminine

The hue of the modern boho color palette is delicate and feminine. The colors are just the right amount of soft and pretty, making this color palette perfect for bridal party colors, photoshoots, and so much more. If you’re trying to coordinate colors between a large group of people or have magazine perfect pictures, we’ll always recommend this color palette! 


If you love boho colors as much we do but you’re not sure how to style them, connect with us today. At frey boutique, we offer our customers a complimentary personal shopping experience. We can help you add meaningful wardrobe staples to your closest, find your true style, and so much more.

What are you waiting for? Let’s start shopping!

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