The Best Days

The best days....are they those that fly by and everything goes smoothly?  Or maybe, it's a really great day at work or school, or your toddler took that extra long nap. Yeah.  I totally get all of those. But as I reach fourty (something) I realize that the best days  are the ones that are the simplest. They are the ones spent with my kids,  who have grown up way to fast, just watching a movie or sitting by the pool. Or having lunch with my sweet momma, or a day laughing with my hubby. We are so busy we don't get enough of those. The days go by and we let so much get in the way. We let all the "things" stop us from really enjoying life. 

So let me encourage you ...put down that phone. Put that computer away. Put your work aside. Put everything you "think" is important on the back burner and just enjoy. Enjoy laughing. Smiling. Being silly.  Because you might not get tomorrow to have the best day ever. 



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