Mother's Day & the kids that go with it!

Every year, as Mother's Day gets near, I get a little teary eyed just thinking about my babies.  This year is a little babies are all growing up  Two are graduating high school, the oldest is heading off to Nepal for a mission trip and this momma is trying to hold it together.  

You know how people will tell you to enjoy it because it's gone in the blink of an eye?  Well, I wish I had listened to them and just took it all in a little more.  I think that sometimes, life gets crazy, busy and overwhelming and we don't realize that it's passing by. 

So listen to me moms. Let the house go.  Let the clothes wait an extra day.  It's okay that everything isn't perfect.  Go out to eat.  Order pizza.  Go swimming....even if you don't like the way you look in a bathing suit.  Those babies don't care.  They just want YOU.  You.  Your TIME.  Give it to them.  Take that day trip to the aquarium.  Go watch that ballgame.  As they grow up. take those vacations.  Enjoy them....enjoy the time.  

Then when the time comes, and they are ready to go off in this big world, you'll know that you spent every moment you could.  And even though it passes in the blink of an eye, you were there.  

And let me just put this out there....I'll be needing some prayers!  My kids have always been my life, and now life starts a new journey for each one of us. 

So, here's to every mother out there.  I hope your day is filled with love, hugs, smiles and just a day enjoying your family, whatever that may be.  






P.S.  Can you tell which kid likes to be the one to jazz up the pics??


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