Frey's Beach Trip Essentials.

Summer came fast this year, especially since Mother Nature decided to skip out on spring. Who am I to complain, though ? I mean that means more time to get my tan on, more pool days, and more beach trips. 

With all that being said, I have complied a list of my favorite beach/ pool accessories that Frey carries locally. 

The last time I went to the beach about a month ago, everyone and their mother had a float and that whole time I was sitting in the sand thinking how I needed to get one for next time and this one by far is my favorite: lips float

Its pretty big, but that gives more room to move around, keep you afloat and dry, and you might be able to fit another person on there too.

Don't pull a Rose on the Titanic. 

Plus, its gives me all the rock-star vibes, for sure.

This is the LAST ONE we have in stock and it can be yours ! It is part of our Frey Friday Giveaway on Facebook! still super cute and probably a little more convenient since they are a little smaller, and more personal. 


The next item on my list does not need an introduction because it is literally a necessity and luckily we have some unique ones online 


Because who has bad days at the pool?

Next on this list, is this super cool and convenient cooler!





Get rid of of your outdated

box cooler and switch it for this

grapefruit shaped bag






Keep hydrated with my favorite water bottles:

Keep your drink cold with this rose gold Swig drink cooler.

or be a unicorn:

Outfits for the beach 

These are the perfect "looks" for the beach. Linens, whites, and crochets, are all perfect for warmer regions.

Note Frey has tons of other options, these are just my favorite beach trip items that I wanted to share with you!

                   What's your favorite beach to go to ? 

Palms Away!  

 <3 Paula 

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