Date Night Ideas

Want to try something besides a cliche "dinner and a movie" this Valentine's Day? Well, check these out! Comment and let us know if you have tried one of these before or what you are doing for Valentine's Day!!

1. Mini Road Trip

Just pick somewhere an hour or so away and drive. Whether it be a little music show somewhere or your favorite place to eat. Just take the time to explore and spend time with each other. 

2. Make Homemade Pizza

So, some people don't actually like "going out" on Valentine's Day and that's okay! Grab a cute Valentine graphic tee and fuzzy socks and stay at home and make a pizza with your significant other! Put the pepperonis in the shape of a heart and snap a  pic. Take a selfie or it didn't happen, right?!

3. Karaoke

Find a place near by that has karaoke... even if neither of you want to sing it is an awesome time watching everyone else get up there!!

4. Recreate the First Date you ever went on

So, for those that have been together awhile, take a trip down memory lane!

5. Dancing

Get all dressed up and put on your dancing shoes! Just let loose and get "jiggy wit it." 

6. Bowling

Looking for a more laid back place to go? How about friendly competition over a game of bowling! I mean, bowling shoes are super cute.... right?

7. 5 Course Dinner @ different places

So, instead of just going to one restaurant, pick different restaurants to get each course from. All kinds of food to choose from.

8. Park

Find your nearest park and take a stroll. Stop and swing or take a football with you toss with your partner! Oh, and I bet there will be ducks so take some bread too.

9. Zoo

So, maybe the park isn't very entertaining to you? Try out the Zoo! now, you get to still walk around hand in hand, but you have animals to look at.

10. Skating

THROWBACK! Hit up the skating rink and channel your inner kid. It's always fun to take a trip down memory lane. 


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