Balancing it all....barely

Sooo truth be told, I was supposed to put in this blog entry weeks ago. But, per usual I became so busy hence my bloggers name (Busybrunette) which was completely centered around what most of this blog is about. I am busy just like you as I sit here and scratch off my to do list for the day I even wonder, how do I balance it all? I’m 21 in college, a member of a sorority, I manage a boutique, I coach cheer-leading, I am a girlfriend of an amazing guy(who makes all of my going possible), a daughter to parents who support all of my dreams, and a friend to some of the best girls I know(yes I am bias), and now I’m blogging…

To me busy was the norm it became more of a personality trait than a every now and then kinda thing… your situation may be different you may be a mom, a soccer mom at that, who is trying to balance being a mom(a.k.a. a complete rockstar), working your underpaid job, a church goer, a mom of multiple athletes, or maybe you aren’t a mom and you are working hard in your career, trying to balance a social life, and finally here is the big picture.. trying to take care of yourself….


See this is where things get tricky, this part of the equation of making us who we are gets left out. We as College girls, moms, and boss babes sometimes forget that taking care of ourselves is just as important(if not more) as taking care of our homework, cooking for the kids, and that client that you keep putting on hold.

To put it on a more personal note I’ve been in a slump, I forgot how to take care of me, I lost interest in working out doing my weekly face masks and hair treatments, and well “no time” for teeth whitening sessions.. I skipped church (we are being honest here right) i skipped church a lot, I lost myself in the business of my life….


College is hard, college is challenging, college is fun….I’m in the process of taking 6 summer classes (not a typo, yes 6). College is hard, the tests only get harder the classes.. harder. It’s challenging, I mean honestly who kknows what they want to do for the rest of their lives at 18? Lord knows not me, I changed my major 5 times(oops), but college is also fun… be in as many organizations as possible, be in SGA, become the dang president of a club, DO BIG THINGS, make good grades(you will thank yourself someday), skip class(only a few times), make memories that last a lifetime you will never get your college years back..

Sorority Girl

Sororities are too much, sororities are girly, sororities are life changing… I didn’t rush my freshman year(big mistake) I cheered instead(fun while it lasted). I waited until this past August to run out to one of the biggest blessings in my life who made the highlighted pink on the color coated planner all worth it. We have mixers, date nights, socials, formals, philanthropy events, community service, study hall hours, and chapter… yes it seems like a lot, but I haven’t gotten to the part that makes it all worth it…I wouldn’t have the biggest support system at a Miss Alabama Preliminary(yes I was a pageant girl, left that one out) if I didn’t run out to Alpha Omicron Pi in August, I wouldn’t have near as many bridesmaids for my extravagant pinterest board wedding someday, but luckily for me I have found a place I can call home that makes my planner look like a pink highlighter spill all worth it…

Job #1 Frey Boutique Manager

I love clothes, I love clothes, I sell clothes….Frey(pronounced free) has been my drive for the past few months it’s what landed my love for retail. (Now this is the part where you pretend I’m talking about your career). My job at Frey consists of a little bit of everything I pack orders, style photo shoots, I plan events, tag, steam, run the Instagram, and work at home A LOT. Now Job #1 is in purple on the color coated planner and there is a lot of purple…

Job #2 Cheer Leading Coach

So like I said before I cheered at Jacksonville State, but lets back up I was a mountain ram, a little rock, Sand Rock High, ACE, and then finally a JSU cheer leader. So needless to say I’ve been in it for 13+ years. I landed this job back in 2016 since then I have coached all levels 1-4, coached over 8 camps, cheographies, and All-Stars(my favorite). I traveled a lot, had a nice red color on my planner for all the practices, competitions, classes, and camps…

The boyfriend, family, and friends

No short paragraph in a blog could ever be enough for all that they do. Ethan is the biggest supporter of my busy lifestyle, he always says I over pack my schedule but always seems to be my right hand man any time anything gets a little crazy. He is always the best date at formals, the best shopper for all my Frey needs, the best cheer leading boyfriend, and he makes it all seem possible.

My family supports every and all of my dreams, I am almost positive if I said I wanted to go to the moon my mother would say “okay Courtney, we will see what we can do” (she is my rock star), but along with my family and EJ my friends all support all of my doing and make it so possible.

So where am I going with this…

Your planner may not be filled with college, work, and sorority things but you are busy…

Here is how I balance it all.. barely and still take care of me..

Realizing that the world would in fact go round if I didn’t do that one thing I told myself I had to get done today, and relaxed in the bath tub instead with a face mask, doing things for me instead of others, WAKING UP EARLIER (y’all one hour sooner is life changing) get some time to yourself, read a book(HIGHLY recommend anything Rachel Hollis, she will make you want to run MILES), do a face mask, whiten your teeth, go on a walk,(for me it was working out), make time in your busy schedule for things that will better you so now.. get off your tail grab your pink, purple, blue, or yellow highlighter and mark yourself a day to BETTER YOURSELF!!!

5 to survive

1. Plan out your day/week/month

2. Get rest

3. Do something you love, read, run, sleep, whatever..

4.Get in a routine(my favorite, yet most challenging)

5. Do it all, live your life!

…. yes I have to put when I tan and workout on my planner .

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