3 Ways to Wear A Tulle Skirt with Sunnie Cotton

3 Ways to Wear a Tulle Skirt

3 Ways to Wear a Tulle Skirt

I fully believe that stepping outside of your comfort zone is the best way to grow. Recently, I’ve learned how fun it can be to do this with your personal style.

I have always loved tulle. It takes on its own nature and is lightweight, but let’s be real, I was afraid to wear it.  I actually told a friend looking at a tulle skirt that I loved it but couldn’t pull it off like she could.


I left that day and thought, “Well, why can’t I?”  If my goal is to keep working outside of my comfort zone, I should do it in every area of life, including my style.  A couple weeks later, I went back to Frey (where I saw the skirt) and thought I would try it out.  I’m glad I did because it turns out, you can do all kinds of things with it.  Plus, I ended up having a lot of fun and realizing that I actually could pull it off!

Tulle is feminine and fun! On today’s first Fashion Friday, I’m showing 3 ways you can wear a tulle skirt.

sweatshirt and tulle skirtHeaven Is My Home Sweatshirt

1. Comfy

Who knew you could pair a sweatshirt with a tulle skirt?  I especially love this “Heaven is My Home” purple sweatshirt because the statement makes me happy and it’s super soft and cozy. Pair it with this black midi tulle skirt and your Converses to create the perfect combination of comfy and cute!

pink tulle skirt with pearls

2. Dressy

Dress up this dusty mauve midi tulle skirt with high heels and pearls for a classic look with a fun twist.  Do you have a plain black top, pearls (mine are fake as the day is long) and black heels?  If so, you have a classy, dressy outfit for Sunday at church or a Monday workday that needs a skirt with some twirl capabilities!

dusty mauve midi tulle skirt

3. Casual

I am crazy about bomber and leather jackets!  I was pretty excited when I realized that you can pair BOTH with this dusty mauve midi tulle skirt.  The olive satin bomber and the camel leather jacket gives the skirt a casual feel with a little sass and edge that make the frills a thrill!  You can also wear booties with it!  WHAAA???  Who doesn’t love a good pair of booties?  Also, if you need something to wear under your jacket, I have layered with a champagne velvet bodysuit.  I have come to love bodysuits because they stay in place and don’t bunch up while you’re running all day.


Alright ladies, so here is my challenge for you…

The next time you say “I would love to wear (insert desired item) but can’t pull it off”- prove yourself wrong.  Try it on, pair it with things that you are comfortable in.  You will see me wearing this fitted long sleeve crew t-shirt from Target a LOT. I am comfortable in it and as strange as it sounds, it helps me reach outside of my style comfort zone with other pieces…like a tulle skirt!  Next time you start to think you can’t wear something, stop yourself and try it.  Before you know it, you will be rockin’ your day in a tulle skirt and feeling a little more confident and a lot more fun!

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