Living a Busy Life

Hey you guys! Its Tiffany. For some reason I always seem to overload myself with work and tasks. I don't know why I do it, but it is just my personality. If I am not busy I must be sick. I am constantly going from Frey to work at JSU to a photography session to editing pictures. It is like a never cycle really. Do you live a busy life too? I am going to give a few tips of how I handle everything! 

Number 1 thing... DO NOT STRESS OUT. I repeat: DO NOT STRESS OUT. I will say I am blessed with a pretty laid back personality. I rarely ever stress out about anything. Honestly, it just makes your life worse. You will get it all done. You got this. Stop stressing. 


Number 2... Invest in a planner. I got a Vera Bradley one and I love it; however, Wal-mart has cheap ones or your phone works. I am just still a pen and paper type of gal. If I write I will remember it. Anything I need to do I write it in my planner almost like a to-do list. Some days I even write specific to-do lists for that day. 


Number 3... Priorities. This is a huge part in getting things done. The way I do things may be because I am a huge procrastinator. I do whatever is due first and save everything else for later. If a video for the football team is due on Friday but I need to get pictures edited by Wednesday for Frey I just do the pictures first and worry about the video later. That may not work for you.. maybe do whatever takes the longer first, but it's good to get a routine going. 


Number 4... No multitasking. We as women love to try and do 50 things at one time.. no. stop. It will just cause you stress and probably will not get done right because your focus is everywhere. Focus on one thing. Get that done then move on to the next. It just helps with time management and cuts back on stress in my opinion. 

I hope I could help you out a little bit. I am not a master, but I manage to get things done! 
How do you handle a busy life? Comment below and let us know!

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