Graphic tees, dresses, tops & more!

Frey boutique is a boho clothing boutique that offers trendy and stylish clothing for women from all walks of life. We’ve got it all! Graphic tees, dresses, tops, and more! Stop the show at any event when you shop at one of the best online boutiques in Alabama.

Shop our fashion staples and find the perfect addition to your closet. Feel empowered and pampered with our unique personal shopping experience. And, most importantly, look beautiful and confident in high quality and affordable clothing!

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We are constantly stocking leading industry trends, so we sell out very quickly! Snag prime styles from our boho clothing boutique while they’re still here. At frey boutique, we provide you with clothes your closet needs at high quality cuts and affordable prices, all made right here in the USA!

With our empowering clothing pieces, you’ll leave the house feeling more confident, radiant, and beautiful than ever before! Contact us today to enjoy the personal shopping experience.

Our Passion

frey boutique is a boho clothing boutique based in Alabama. In addition to providing your closet with must-have fashion staples, we also provide trendy and stylish clothing — the fuel it needs to keep you going!

We are also incredibly passionate about the empowerment of every woman! Through the ministry of fashion, we hope to empower women from all walks of life. We’re committed to helping her enjoy and cherish the beauty of life, love, faith, joy, and community.

You can learn more about our story and how it all started here.

Personal Shopping Experience

At our boho clothing boutique, we make it a mission to offer each and every one of our customers a personal shopping experience! Let us know exactly what style of clothing you’re searching for and the type of look that you’re hoping to achieve. We’ll be happy to assist you with one-on-one personal advice and guidance!

A personal shopper at your very own boho chic boutique is the premium experience the frey boutique team is here to offer you. We make sure you’re feeling confident and gorgeous every single time you step out the door! Our team is there to help with your questions, advice, or style tips you might need. At frey boutique, we are your personal shoppers. Reach out and let us know how we can help you today!

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